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Aqueous Polyurethane Adhesive for Wood

The product with good resistance to water, solvant and heat, excellent mechanical properties, has wide applied areas in the manufacture of various wood works.

1. Bonding of wood, hard wood and soft wood, suitable for the manufacture of glued laminated wood, high-quality furnitures and ordinary wood work.
2. Bonding of wood and cement, plastics, metal, suitable for interior decoration of bultings and surface decoration of wood-based panels.

1. Excellent bond strength
2. Water based, thus safe and uncontaminated
3. Free from formaldehyde and phenol
4. Approximately neutral
5. Curing at room temperature
6. High initial bond strength
7. Good gluing property at lower temperature

Physical Properties

Item Base Resin Curing Agent
  SR-100A SR-100B
Appearance white viscous liquid brownish black liquid
Solids content,% 58+-3 >=99
Viscosity(25oC),P 100+-30;70+-30  
PH value 7+-1  

Bonding Properties

Impregnation delamination,% <10  
Compressive shear strength strengtg(MPa) wood failure(%)
  Manchurian ash (hard wood) >=10 >=60
Spruse (soft wood) >=6 >=65

Instructions for Use

1.Condition of lamina
  Thickness deviation <0.1mm
Wood moisture 10+-3%
2.Resin versus curing agent weight ratio SR-100A/SR-100B=100/15-20
3. Glue spread 250-350g/m2
  Assembly time 30min
  Pressure soft wood 0.69-0.98MPa (7-10kg/cm2)
  hard wood 1.18-1.47MPa (12-15kg/cm2)
Temperature room temperature
Press time 30-60min
For lower temperatures, press time should be prolonged appropriately.
5.Ageing time 3days above 20oC

Points for Attention
1. Store in tightly closed containers in dry, well ventilated area and protect from frost.
2. Storage stability: 6 months at 20oC in well closed packaging.